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Anaheim Inclement Weather Shelter Network DONATIONS (Supplies / Financial)


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The Anaheim Inclement Weather Shelter Network (AIWSN) is a network of Anaheim Church sites JMh / Love Anaheim is helping to develop and coordinate that will activate from 7pm - 7 am when there is Inclement Weather (rain, colder than 45 degrees temps, high winds, etc). Each of the sites will house between 5 and 15 Homeless Guests in a warm, friendly and peaceful environment. The Inclement Weather Shelter Network operates from February 1 - April 15, 2024. This project is a Partnership between JMh / Love Anaheim, the City of Anaheim, City Net, Anaheim Churches, and other organizations. 

 JMh-Anaheim/Love Anaheim is seeking donations of supplies and funds to help us equip and operate the Anaheim Inclement Weather Shelter Network. Please take a look at the list below and contact us by email , phone or click "Sign Me Up" on this project if you can provide items on the list.

You can also DONATE financially to help us meet some of the ongoing needs. 

Please click Sign Me Up" we will contact you by email. You can also call 714-448-7575.


1. Sweat outfits - both tops and bottoms. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes. We are not picky if some are men’s and some women’s or there was unisex / one kind / brand , and it is utilized all genders
2. Booty or ankle socks for men and for women. Any color will work.
3. Prepacked snack bags - in a quart size bag. This could contain a granola type bar or two, fruit snack pouch, small bag of trail mix, or nuts. Basically a few items in a bag we could hand out when they leave. Shelter guests will be receiving a light breakfast and then being transported out by City Net at 7am. SEE PICTURE below
4. Hygiene Bags - a quart sized Ziploc / slider bag with 5-6 SMALL hygiene items. SEE PICTURE below. 
5. Cases of Gatorade or similar type drinks. We will be providing drinks cooler as people leave and while they’re in the shelter. We are only providing water so additional drinks like Gatorade would be helpful. 
6. Small Bath Towels and wash cloths. Each Shelter Guest will receive on of these
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All Participants will need to sign a medical / liability / photo waiver the day of the event...CLICK HERE to print waiver.

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