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  • IN HOME PROJECT - Encouragement Cards For Anaheim Firefighters

IN HOME PROJECT - Encouragement Cards For Anaheim Firefighters

Date & Time:

Monday, August 31, 2020
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


0 have signed up & 50 openings remain.

Project Leaders:

Love Anaheim Leadership Team


This "in home" service opportunities will be making a card for our Anaheim Firefighters. Here are the instructions:

1. Download and print one of the documents (cards) below. Each document contains an 8 1/2 x 11 paper divided into 4 quarters - each is a card. You can write / decorate a card for a particular station or for a Firefighter in general. 

CARDS for Fire Stations 1-11

CARDS for Firefighters (general)

CARDS for Fire Station _____ (you fill in station)

CARDS for Metro Net Dispatchers

2. Using pens, colored pencils, markers, etc - write a nice note and decorate each of the 4 cards on the document. Look at the example card below.


3. Place the 8 1/2 x 11 paper (now decorated and written on) flat on a table, and take a picture of it using your phone. Make sure you get the entire paper and that your phone / camera is level.

4. Email the photo to loveanaheim1@gmail.com. We will then print the photo onto card-stock, cut it into 4 cards, and deliver it to the Firefighters and Fire Stations. 

5. Please consider donating $50 (below) to purchase a meal for 4 Firefighters (1 Crew) OR $25 to purchase a case of Gatorade, which will be delivered with the cards.  



Donate $50 to purchase a $50 gift card for a Firefighter crew of 4 to have a meal. We will deliver these with the cards

Donate $25 to purchase a case of Gatorade which we will deliver to the Firefighters with the cards.

Donations to the Love Anaheim Growth Fund are encouraged as we support our community during this challenging time of COVID-19 and as we grow in our service to the community.



Project Location:

All Participants will need to sign a medical / liability / photo waiver the day of the event...CLICK HERE to print waiver.

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