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Love Anaheim Serve Day #21 A Successful Event on Sept 5

Love Anaheim #21 brought together 196 volunteers to complete 15 projects. This serve day was hosted by MBC (Magnolia Baptist Church) and sported as their annual Labor of Love Event. The participants of Love Anaheim #21 spanned many organizations and included 27 partnerships. 

Donations (cash and in kind) in the amount of $10,788 were received and 485 volunteer hours were given for a total value of $13,192 (485 x $27.20). The total value given to the community from MBC Labor of Love / Love Anaheim #21 was $23,980.

Love Anaheim #21 Executive Summary

Checking In Anaheim - THANK YOU for the good you are doing!!

Checking In with you ANAHEIM!! Thank you for all the good you are doing TOGETHER during this challenging time.

Thank You City Of Anaheim Leaders, Staff, and Employees


A big shout out to the City of Anaheim (and other Cities) who have "essential services" operating during the Coronavirus crisis- First Responders, Public Works, Public Utilities, etc. Thank you so much Anaheim Leaders, Staff and Employees - YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND LOVED!! We are thinking of you and praying for you!! Here are some essential links that may be helpful with Anaheim specific links. 

WELLNESS TIPS by Dr. Holly Daniels, Director of Clinical Affairs for the CA Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.   Wellness Tips in a DOCUMENT. 


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