Love Anaheim Chosen as a Top 2022 Non-Profit - Press Release

Love Anaheim Chosen as a Top 2022 Non-Profit

(Anaheim, CA) Love Anaheim is thrilled to receive notice from the California Association of Nonprofits that State Senator Tom Umberg has chosen it as the Senatorial District 34 “2022 Nonprofit of the Year”. We have been counted among an exclusive group of nonprofits honored by California legislators for the work we are doing in Anaheim and beyond.

Love Anaheim operates as an arm of JMh, Inc. creating a multi-sector service project movement with the goal of loving and serving Anaheim. Business, civic, governmental, sectarian, and educational organizations come together, bridged through Love Anaheim building lasting and productive relationships that benefit the community. These efforts have resulted in park improvements, senior citizen assistance, school site enhancements, food pantries and many other worthwhile activities.

Executive Director, Nathan Zug was surprised and pleased by the designation: “When a plurality of organizations all pull in the same direction, amazing works can be accomplished and then repeated again, and again. The support of our partner organizations and the citizens of Anaheim multiply our efforts exponentially yielding an impact for good that is far greater than any of us working alone.”


About Senator Tom Umberg

State Senator Tom Umberg is a retired U.S. Army Colonel, former federal criminal prosecutor, three term state legislator, small business owner and Deputy Drug Czar for President Clinton. Senator Umberg served three terms in the State Assembly representing central Orange County. Since his arrival in the State Senate in 2018, Senator Tom Umberg has chaired the Senate Elections Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee.


About California Association of Nonprofits

Nearly 10,000 members strong, “CalNonprofits” brings nonprofits together to advocate for the communities they serve. Their work includes assembling nonprofits to discuss and debate issues, to think through the implications of government and philanthropic actions, and to build networks that support member organizations. Further, they work with legislators and nonprofit coalitions to develop legislation that will allow nonprofits to bring full power to serving communities and remove the obstacles to efficient contracting and high-impact work.


About JMh Anaheim Foundation, Inc.

Launched in 2015, the Foundation has filled the gap between community needs and resources held by the typically recognized outlets. By bringing stakeholders together, requests, communication and permission are streamlined. The foundation serves in five focus areas: operating “Pathway to Work for Homeless” (funded by the City of Anaheim), feeding the disadvantaged, supporting seniors, community service, and developing chaplaincy.

Love Anaheim Chosen as a Top 2022 Non-Profit - Press Release