Hello Love Anaheim Volunteers, Partners, Supporters and Friends!

As Christmas and the Holidays approach bringing 2021 to an end, the Love Anaheim and JMh - Anaheim Team is pausing to say THANK YOU to all who have volunteered, partnered, and supported us. We had a significant year of service and growth. Please know that we appreciate you and could not do our important work without all of you!

Ongoing volunteer and involvement opportunities are on our website www.loveanaheim.org

Year end DONATIONS of any size are welcomed.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may you be blessed in the New Year.


The Love Anaheim Leadership team

Love Anaheim

JMh – Anaheim / Love Anaheim Year Review 2021
(January – November)

HARNESSING GOODNESS and PROMOTING COLLABORATION in 2021. LINKING leaders, volunteers, and funding to accomplish a wide range of need-based projects. SERVING across all city sectors to "Spread Goodness, Meet Needs and Demonstrate Kindness" for one common good.

• Mobilized 2100+ Volunteers to complete 200+ need based projects across Anaheim.

• Distributed 25,100 “touchpoints” (small gifts that say, "you matter, we care about you!").

• Served over 27,000 families in support of 7 ongoing Food Pantries.

• Served 541 Homeless individuals through our Better Way Anaheim “Pathway to Work” Program.

• Served over 1000 Seniors at 3 Senior Mobile Home Parks with encouragement, yard work and activities.

• Assisted the City of Anaheim’s leaders, residents, and businesses in unique ways during very challenging times.

• Assembled thousands of food bags, hygiene bags, goodie bags, gift baskets and other resources to meet needs and encourage those needing a special touch.

• Remained available and flexible to serve those in need.

• Stewarded over $150,000 in grant funds to meet resource insecurities in individuals and families.

2021 YEAR IN REVIEW Document