Here is the latest from the City of Anaheim Website on mask / face coverings:

The city of Anaheim joins the Orange County Health Care Agency today in strongly recommending masks and face coverings for those at essential jobs and for anyone on essential trips outside your home.

OC Health issued updated guidance April 9 in line with existing recommendations from California and the federal Centers for Disease Control.

Anaheim has been urging everyone to wear masks and face coverings and to understand the role they can play in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Those at essential jobs should wear masks and face coverings when in common areas and when around others.

Those at restaurants, food stores and other businesses handling food should wear gloves along with masks and face coverings as much as possible.

Residents should wear masks or face coverings when going to the grocery store, pharmacy, doctors, picking up food or other essential outings.

They can be worn or carried on recreational walks and used as needed if you come into contact with others.

Masks and face covers are just one part of our larger effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Keep doing what you’re doing:

* Stay home as much as possible
* Keep six feet from others outside your immediate household
* Wash and sanitize hands often
* Don’t touch eyes, noses, mouths and other parts of your face
* Avoid being around anyone who is sick

Some terminology:

Masks are an N95, the highest grade with a filter, a surgical mask or even dust masks used around the house and at job sites.

Face coverings are broader: a surgical-style mask made of cloth or other material that can be washed and reused, a scarf, bandanna or other covering.

Any mask or face covering helps keep us from spreading germs from ourselves to another person.

As for protection from incoming germs, masks and face coverings provide different degrees of protection.

N95 masks offer the most protection and are reserved for first responders, while scarfs and bandannas offer lower levels of protection against incoming germs.

But, remember, any covering provides more protection than none at all.